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LA’s Premier Pressure Washing Company

Meet PWPSLA, a licensed, bonded, and insured pressure washing company in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley that’s a leading choice for thousands. We have built the foundation of our impeccable standards on eco-friendly practices and an outstanding customer service – something we deem crucial to our growth and success. We make sure that every task, be it exterior building power washing or stucco removal on a patio, receives our undivided attention and commitment to not just excellence but utter perfection. With our maintained workspace, friendly demeanor and a minimal, non-intrusive approach to our operations, we focus only on our end goal: to redefine pressure cleaning and make it seamless, comfortable and affordable for you.

Team & Equipment
  • We reclaim water
  • Soaps are EPA approved
  • Biodegradable Detergents
  •  Top of the Line Equipment
  • Our Team is Highly Trained
  • We are Perfectionists
Customer Guarantee
  • Top Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Estimates & Quotes
  • Top Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Estimates & Quotes

Round The Clock Washing Services - We Are Here For You 24/7

Why choose us?

With us, you will be choosing excellence over imperfection in both commercial and residential power washing services across Los Angeles & Ventura Counties. Our experience makes sure that we are ready for every job.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We value our high environmental standards, which is why we never dispose of the contaminants recklessly without safety. Our pride lies in us being eco-friendly and doing our part for Mother Nature.


Solar Panels

House Washing

Roof & Gutters

Fire Ash Removal

Tennis Court

power washing bricks icon

Brick Cleaning

power washing icon

Concrete Cleaning


 Commercial Cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Building Washing

Parking Lot Cleaning

Storefront Cleaning

Apartment Complex


Sidewalk Cleaning

First in class pressure washing.

·       Sustainable Water Recycling

Smartly using the resources is the way forward to a safe and secure future, hence our innovative water reclamation systems make sure that we are conserving water as much as we can.

·       Soaps Certified by EPA

We don’t just use any cleaning agents off the shelves. Our selection of soaps certified by EPA is a guarantee that we are committed to both cleanliness and environmental safety.

·       Gentle on Nature, Tough on Dirt

We choose our detergents based on their amazing ability to break down in a natural way to make sure that not even a single drop adds to an already stressed natural environment.

·       Futuristic & Latest Cleaning Equipment

Our cleaning equipment and power washing tools are innovative and technologically advanced to help us attain that level of efficiency and effectiveness that we always strive for.

·       Expertise at Work

We have ensured that our team members are the masters of their skills in power washing. They aim for nothing less than absolute perfection. Ever.

·       Efficiency and Precision Delivered

The results we deliver always show how dedicated, or rather obsessed we are with high-end efficiency and commitment to being precise every step of the way.

·       Customized Cleaning Strategies

We don’t just blindly jump in. Our cleaning strategies depend on the specific requirements of different materials and surfaces.

·       Balancing Cleanliness with Care

Our effective, non-damaging techniques make absolutely sure that we get a thorough clean without making even a little bit of compromise on your surfaces.

·       Instant Service, Reliable Results

Got little to no time? No problem, you can count on us for a swift and dependable cleaning to meet all your needs.

·       Ability to Handle Versatile Surfaces

Our expertise goes way beyond being able to clean the usual surfaces. From your cozy residential driveway or a wide commercial exterior, we’ll get it done right away.

·       Safety as a Priority

We have made sure that our methods are not just effective but safe as well for our team as well as the surfaces you need cleaned.

·       A Greener, Cleaner Future

We’re also committed to cleaning our planet. Our eco-friendly practices make sure that we reduce our carbon footprint and support environmental wellness in all cleaning aspects.

·       Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Your expectations aren’t just goals for us, they are our benchmarks for success. We really value your trust and truly devote ourselves to exceed your expectations every single time.

·       Flexible Scheduling, Tailored for You

We understand life’s unpredictability for us all. That’s why our scheduling is as flexible as you need it to be. We cover the weekends as well as regular weekdays.

·       Transparent in Pricing and Service

Our pricing is as clear and straightforward as our commitment to clean up with a top-tier service. No hidden charges, no post-cleaning surprises.

thoroughly and perfectly clean and seal pavers using the pressure washing with the help of Power Washing Pro AFter photo of brick paver restoration cleaning and sealing
house cleaning
before photo of dirty brick wall after photo of brick wall after it was power cleaned

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Based on 50 reviews
Lars Brauer
Lars Brauer
I used Power Washing Pros to clean our house walls, windows, and solar panels. The company was very responsive and flexible in scheduling service and in working with me on pricing within my budget. The crew that came out was also extremely courteous and professional and did a very thorough job with what appeared to be state of the art equipment. They worked around our kids' nap schedule and moved and replaced outdoor furniture items to allow them to get the job done. I would definitely use the company again.
Richard Tucker
Richard Tucker
After a few disastrous performances of other businesses, I was looking for a solid company that would work accurately. After looking at Google, I came across Power Washing Pros with the largest number of positive reviews. I called them and Andrew was great to response. He was fast in providing me with a quote and the quality of the work was great. I will surely be using their service again in the future.
Willis Tyler
Willis Tyler
We have had a wonderful experience with Power Washing Pros. Our driveway needed to be power washed, and I must say that they did a fantastic job of it. They offer the most competitive quote on the market and answer quickly. They arrived on time and got to work straight away on the wash day. Their team is extremely skilled, and their service is of a better caliber. Their work is impressive to me. highly advisable
Charliebird Parker
Charliebird Parker
Didn't really trust them
Dylan Bell
Dylan Bell
These guys are awesome. They did our entire warehouse which is over 10k square feet. They are Hard working, fast, and did an amazing job. Would recommend 10/10 times.
Edward Goodman
Edward Goodman
In Los Angeles, Power Washing Pros are the best. Before my friend James recommended Power Washing Pros to me, I was searching for a reliable power washing business. They are skilled and have a great deal of industry expertise. Their work is striking, and their price is fair as well. I'll definitely recommend them.
Chris Perez
Chris Perez
With the work Power Washing Pros accomplished, I could not be happier. They showed professionalism and a commitment to their task right away. They showed up exactly when they said they would, and the work was excellent. Their equipment is modern, and the chemicals they utilize are of higher quality. Excellent business to work for. highly advisable
Seth Nelson
Seth Nelson
One of the greatest house cleaning services in Los Angeles is Power Washing Pros. They know their work inside and out and are competent. They were on time, and they immediately got to work. The greatest in the city, their pricing was fair. I couldn't have been happier with the work they did; their laundry made my house appear brand new. A big thank you! highly advisable
Adam DeMond
Adam DeMond
I had a bunch of cobwebs all over and they cleaned it all up.
Homie Dubs (homiedubs)
Homie Dubs (homiedubs)
I was walking my dog and noticed that the pathway leading up to my house was filled with stains and scrapes. Knowing me, I thought I could do something to fix it up and get it in a better condition. No matter how much I tried, the differences were little to none. I searched up pressure washing near me and Power Washing Pros came up. I contacted them and they gave me a good price. Recommend their services to anyone!

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